It is two weeks since my last posting here and five more postcards are in. So in order they arrived...

George Nova Scotia "Truro Reservoir" - Taken with a Miranda Sensomat, I was given an early 1957 Miranda T(ii) just last Christmas and have found the camera still good at all but the slowest of shutter speeds. Another IR film image but this one from HIE a film I never got to use. This image has been the talk of the bunch so far with visitors to our home asking "Why are the leaves and grasses so white?"

JimO "NVC, Empire State from Brooklyn Bridge" - Interesting way to draw the viewer into the Empire State, certainly a view I have never seen before.

rince "Organ in German Cathederal" - You have captured all of the detail of the organ. If this is what you can produce by working in a makeshift darkroom, then I have to really lift my game using what I call my permenant darkroom. Great work Dennis.

Molli Two cards received what a surprise and completely handwritten. The gold Argenta superpress paper what a special paper and the image of the mask goes so well with it. The second card of a photographer on the rocks also a another special image that I can almost feel that I am there. Curious to know what your paper developer is.

A thank-you to everyone who has commented encouragingly on my first foray into IR. I just have to get out and use a bit more of this film and experiment.

I also got a card from round 25 from TJ. I commented in that thread.