Well hello everyone. I'm Grumpyshutter, a would-be LF photographer and artist.

I put 'would-be' in there 'cos I never seem to get around to actually doing as much photography as I think I do do. And I fool myself that I do do a lot of photography, but when I do step back (metaphorically) to take a look at what I do do, I realise that a lot of what I do do is, well, do-do...

I put 'artist' in there 'cos we all like to be pretentious.

I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne, way up in the un-cultured North East of England. I've never been to Art School. I never took photography at school. I've never had a solo exhibition. I've never been represented in a Salon. I don't even have a website. The only darkroom I've been inside is the one I built in the back bedroom, and the 'work-in-progress' that will, one day, maybe, possibly, be the Nirvanah that shall be graced by the mighty DeVere 5108 and custom-built wetbench-and-sink combo that I've been knocking together for the past year and a half. But I do like to fiddle around with my various old cameras and come away clutching a fuzzy 4x5 neg in my sweaty palms.

So, Luddite that I am, I've taken the plunge into the 'tinterweb to broaden my horizons, chat with fellow silver-stained reprobates, exchange ideas and hopefully do a little more with my photography.