This lens is very nearly identical to the one that I made the images on this page with my venerable Kodak 2D 8X10.

It is not an 8X10 lens, but moved in close it has a unique and beautiful look on the 8X10 format. It would cover 5X7 at infinity I think. That would be where it would swirl for you.

The other neat feature about this lens is the way the glass fits in the barrels. EVerything is the same size, so you can split the 2 glasses in the back and put one up front, and one in back to make a beautiful dreamy soft focus lens. Also the front group alone used at the back is a superb soft focus lens. Read my page I referenced earlier to see what the different combo's can give you.

I think I got $485 for the last one of these I sold. Prices are coming down a bit, especially for this more generic stuff that doesn't have one of the "D" names on it. I have 2 identical Darlot branded lenses, and the parts are all interchangeable with this one.

Glass is nice and clean on this. I don't have a flange for it. But I do have the frontal piece of the old projector that has the male matching threads. Could be used as a flange by cutting it down and drilling some holes. Note that someone started to cut a waterhouse slot........badly ;rolleyes; $285