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I didn't know that Ralph and of course I am not good in B&W film so I am confused. Film has different contrast depending of the type of film as well as how one develops it. If Zone 8 is 1.29 then with different contrast the other zones wouldn't have the same values all the time right? I am kind of lost here.
I really have to buy "Way Beyond Monochrome" so I can give it to you straight.

But until then, I imagine Ralph is telling you where Zone VIII will fall on a Normal negative. When you want to accommodate different subjects you can use Multigrade paper to accommodate.


If you develop differently depending on subject contrast (as in traditional Zone System), then you could take Ralph's benchmark and use it as an aim point for Expansion and Contraction. For example N+1 you would want to develop until Zone VII test target hits 1.29, or for N-1 you would develop until Zone IX hits 1.29.