To answer the question for Oxleyroad "Why are the leaves and grasses so white?" -- "because they are warm and alive!" IIRC one of the original uses for IR films was to check on crop and forest health. Living plants would reflect more IR than dead or sick plants.

Now to the small stack of cards on my desk:

"Breakaways" from Nige. Desolate is a good description. Totally unlike anything I've come across in real life, very nice of you to visit there for me.
"Organ in the German Cathedral" from rince. This card arrived the day after "breakaways" and what a contrast. From the barren rock on one side of the world to the magnificence of the pipe organ on the other side of the world. Dennis all I can say is well taken and well printed. Thank you.
"NYC, Empire State" from JimO. A sky scape as much as a city scape. Yes my eye is drawn to the icon the Empire State building but then it drifts back to those wonderful clouds. I like clouds like that, softly drifting by.
"The Inglewood Terror" from BoxBrownie. I'm sure that car has a story or two to tell, great "roll cage and windscreen" and as if the car didn't have enough dings the post office added their own wrinkles!
Mike Wilde's threesome. I just love the old papers, I may have to see what I can dig out of my box of goodies. All great images, I like the refinery shot the best. Somehow with the water and treatment on the Ansco Indiatone it just doesn't seem like "smelly" old refinery.

Thanks all keep up the great work, it makes the trip to the mailbox worthwhile!