I did quite a few development tests the past few days, where I developed one sheet at a time versus my usual six sheets at a time.

The only thing that seemed to change was decreased time to develop to similar contrast.

I didn't see any speed increase.

The EG&G results remain around 200 to 250. I am used to that.

I may make other attempts to increase speed. But I am beginning to think maybe I "really" get full speed. Maybe the tests just aren't confirming. There could be a good reason. Maybe the "discontinuous spectrum" of the xenon flash doesn't match daylight... Maybe excessive "blue" absorbtion by the No. 96 ND filter makes it a poor choice to include in sensitometry tests...

I believe now that stacks of six in tray provides "pretty good" agitation. Earlier I posted a significant difference but that was a mistake because I accidentally developed in Dektol 1:1 instead of D-76 1:1 as I planned.