Hi all,

Just a quick query, other than Hypam many years ago, I've always used Ilford Rapid Fixer. With a young family my printing (& film developing) is very sporadic, going through phases of great productivity, then a massive dry spell where I still shoot, but don't have the chance to get any wet-work done. The thought just crossed my mind the other day when I opened a new bottle of fixer, I realised I'd gone through a bit recently, and thought "Gee, it would have been more economical if I had gotten a 5L bottle last time...", that was very quickly followed by "Hmmm... we've got a lot coming up over the next couple months, I don't know when I'll next be using this bottle...?". I store my stock fixer in concertina bottles of course, but still, it got me thinking about other options.

Of the powder fixers commercially available, is it practical for any of them to be mixed up in smaller (enough for a few uses) batches, or do they need to be made up in one big batch? I'm assuming, after opening, their storage life in powder form would be pretty long if they were kept in air-tight storage, am I right? Or would I be better looking at a diy fixer that I can mix up in batches to suit my needs?

Thanks for the input, really appreciate it.