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I'd re-do the estimated EG&G light output based on your tests. With all the estimated densities in your calculation of ISO 200/250 it could easily be 1/2 stop off. That is, work backwards, saying the film is ISO 400 by definition and your light out put is 2 millilux-seconds at the 0.1 point after you subtract all the density you have between the lamp and the film. That is the way I calibrated mine.
Big issue is the contradiction that I got from Panatomic-X. I am using that placement as the position for the film speed scale.

Differences I think play into it are:

-> Panatomic-X is a traditional emulsion, TMY-2 is T-grain.
-Different spectral sensitivities, Panatomic-X vs TMY-2... Maybe the EG&G is "bang on" for traditional emulsions so it was deemed a good sensitometric light source on that basis... But maybe it is not as great a match for TMY-2.

-> No. 96 ND 0.6 has its limitations in sensitometry.
-I do not use it at all to catch the toe of Panatomic-X.