I think the problem lies in wanting to charge other people/organizations of problems which they are not responsible for.

Fried potatoes are fine, but they are not the healthiest food if eaten every day. It's not McDonald's fault if some people eat fried potatoes every day. If somebody is overweight, he should begin questioning his own eating habits rather then try to blame somebody else. If you are fat, blame yourself. I eat at McDonald's and are quite slim.

By the same token, the reality of human species, and lack or abundance of beauty thereof depending on which half of the glass we look at, is something around us for us to see. We don't see the world through magazines, we see it through our eyes.

If insecure teen-agers don't sleep at night because they have a new spot on their nose, that's not a good reason not to retouch spots on noses. Your spots are entirely yours and your problems with spots, and perceptions thereof, are entirely "yours". Teenagers should face their narcissism without blaming magazines.

If said insecure teenager gets a wrong perspective of what beauty is after seeing retouched images in magazines, said teenager has a problem looking around himself, and I would advice him to dwell into photography just to learn understanding the world around him with his own eyes first.

Good old porn films show lots of spots and pimples in every parts of human body and at the same time would teach said insecure teen-ager that absence of spots is not strictly necessary in life :-). They would also teach insecure she-teenagers that the very thin kind of woman is normally not very much appreciated by men. Just make a poll among your friends... just look at the magazines they read, not the ones you read :-)

I'm frankly astonished myself about how certain young woman which I find personally quite ugly end up having a career as models. Nonetheless, my definition of beauty does not rely on what a sissy fashion designer thinks beauty is (actually in fashion the very skinny kind is practical for a certain uniformity in wearing clothes which therefore do not need retouching on the person, it's an industrial need not even a case of search for a different kind of beauty).

If your daughter thinks Twiggy had any beauty, just teach her she stinks, and buy her a copy of PlayBoy . Twiggy just looks good for hospitalization. I remember the posters which were hanging in our classroom in high school. None of the models were underweight by any measure.