Made fresh bleach and diluted it 1+2. Bleached four step wedges for 30-60-90-120 seconds. Toned for 10 minutes. Slight difference between 30 & 60 seconds, but nothing after 60. 30 second step wedge slightly more brown in the shadows than 60, which turned out reddish-brown. Did a couple of prints at 60 seconds + 10 minutes toning. Reddish brown colour: better than the washed-out yellow-brown I was getting before. Couldn't duplicate the chocolate brown from an earlier test strip though. Tried adding a little more sodium carbonate to the toner, but it didn't make a difference. Time to stop. I might try again with MGIV FB when I get some more potassium polysulphide and can make fresh toner. In the meantime, I will try direct toning Ilford warmtone.