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What did the Olympus executives do? They got arrested, but none of them slit their stomachs. The Olympus execs committed fraud, but the Kodak execs have simply been stupid. There's no legal penalty for simply being stupid.
I dont think Kodak's execs have been stupid at all. I think long ago they decided to throw in the towel and give up on the company. Knowing this, they then decided to extract as much cash and value out of Kodak as it slowly fades away into oblivion. I knew this to be true when Kodak sold off their sensor division. They showed that they had ZERO interest in any future in imaging. Selling off core products, selling off patents, winding down businesses and laying off workers. Kodak's managers have ZERO plan for a future. None at all. They are just extracting every last dollar out of the company before it collapses in a heap.