Oh good grief. It's precisely because we like Kodak products and would like them to continue that we are infuriated by the way Kodak management, not the rank and file, have handled the company. I don't think anyone is in denial (or whatever stage of a death and dying sort of process) that Kodak is in dire straights, but neither do I think ANYONE can know for sure that Kodak film and related products will not survive. We just don't know. The prognosis is serious but no one knows or can know at this stage if it is truly terminal. Look at the rabbit Ilford pulled out of their hat.

There's nothing surprising here and I really don't remotely understand PKM-25's point, or points, or whatever he's getting at. We're bashing upper management, not rank and file, and as far as I can see they deserve all the bashing we're dishing out and then some.

And finally, most of us don't link the future of film photography in general to the survival of Kodak. I'd frankly be a lot more worried if Ilford were on the ropes. Color, yes - Fuji doesn't really seem committed to film anymore though at least they seem like they will survive as a company so as long as there's a demand they can make film, but might not see it as sufficiently profitable at the scale they are equipped to manufacture it. Color is in danger but far from facing certain demise in the immediate future. Black and white looks pretty healthy to me. Even without Ilford - I'd hate to shoot only Foma and Efke film but if that's all there was, I would rather than give up film photography. I wouldn't want to face a world without Ilford in my darkroom, but I could do that much easier than face a world without their film or Kodak's.