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Consider this. If Kodak's management team's goal was to extract as much money out of Kodak while winding down the company into nothing, what would they do different than they are now?
i don't think that was their goal.

i think their goal was and always has been to be an imaging company
but they started a late with consumer printing. they tried to keep selling film and paper
as long as they could, until it wasn't profitable ... and when things didn't show
a profit they prune the tree ( as they always have ) ... no use selling things at a loss\

they really didn't fail the analog photography sector, seeing they continued to improve and develop new
films and emulsions and FINALLY have spun off that part of their company to hopefully continue doing just that.
the problem is that it is hard to cook for 3 when you are used to cooking for 3 million.

they are doing everything they can to stay alive ... and it is reallyeasy for someone
who just reads newspaper articles, magazine articles and web fora to know better than
the people actually making the decisions.

unfortunately the business culture in america is the way it is, where people at the top
get compensated huge amounts and often times at the expense of the people doing the work ..
but that is the way it is ...

i wish i could afford to keep buying kodak films, but unfortunately they are priced beyond my means.
i have been shooting tmx/tmy since they were first sold and they are great films .. but $2/sheet of 4x5
is more than i can afford.