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Except that those newspaper articles, magazine articles, and web fora were in many cases created from one-on-one interviews or policy guidance statements given directly by the people actually making the decisions. Didn't have to read between the lines or speculate at all. They told us exactly where they were going to take the company. And they did just that. No surprises there.

And as far as I know, those same people are still in charge—and still committed to the same vision and direction for the company that resulted in the bankruptcy filing in the first place. Now they just want additional compensation to keep them from jumping ship. It's as if the captain and officers of the Titanic had retreated to the stern of the ship, loudly threatening to quit if they didn't get an immediate raise. Go figure...

hi ken

i see what you are saying
but the problem is that just because something is written
by a company for public consumption doesn't really
describe what is actually being done, and it leaves a lot as speculation.
PE worked there for decades, and has no idea what the management is up to ...

it seems like when a street "performer" sets up a card table, and asks the "contestant"
to "find the lady" in the 3 cards that are being shuffled and mixed infront of him ..
in the end it was all talk because the lady isn't really there ...

i have heard speculation and ranting and raving
about the management of kodak since before 2003, and it is the same as now ..