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Won't be able to use a reflector, won't have assistants. A tradeoff. Maybe a bit like wedding guys, they just turn up and do the best they can.

This is too large.

I have thought about this. At most, I could pop the flash to the side with a sync cord.

They may spend time outside at later in the afternoon, as it's visiting friends. I could always say that and they would oblige I think. Like late morning or later afternoon, maybe even approaching sunset time and twilight. In these situations, what light modifier do you suggest?

Keep in mind that you are planning to shoot the event in summer a New Zealand summer! The sun will be high up, possibly hot and no doubt, harsh, unlike winter right now where ideal shooting conditions are everywhere. You'll need lots of experimentation in similar conditions to this, and better still, when it is overcast. Sunset and twilight are ideal but the flash needs to be tempered to avoid the cat-caught-in-the-glare-of-headlights look. One neat trick that many professionals use is a multi-flash: 2 or three very light flashes rapidly, either manually controlled, metered with a flashmeter or taken care of automatically by the flash. It can yield interesting results.