At a desperate time of my life I worked for the late Rabbit Photo as a casual. One of their processing setups in which I spent a day or two was right in the front ground floor of (from shaky memory) Meyer? Perhaps Big W? in Warringah Mall in Sydney. It was quite odd to be feeding a neg processing machine in the middle of a department store surrounded by folk shopping for kids' toys and socks and undies.

Fortunately this particular set-up worked fairly cleanly--although the shop staff used to complain about chemical smells--unlike the Circular Quay shop where the stale discharged chemistry slowly filled a drum which had to be changed a couple of times a day. There was no experience to match being nice to a customer while seeing out of the corner of your eye a slowly advancing pool of chemistry leaking out of an overflowing drum. It made it out of the shop and onto the footpath once. The North Sydney branch was well designed: it had 2 entrances which allowed an endless stream of commuters exiting the railway station to take a shortcut and distribute lots and lots of dust and grit.

Who can blame Big W for pulling out!