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I haven't owned a 35mm camera since 2005, but last week I lost my mind and bought a Leica IIIc made in 1942, with Elmar 5cm f3.5 and Jupiter 35mm f2.8. Will likely get an Elmar 90mm f4 as well. The 5cm f3.5 is uncoated, and the 90mm probably will be too. I like the look. SO, I'm looking for some film that will give me a classic 1940s look. I already use HP5 in my Rolleiflex and Chamonix 045n and really like its smoothness. I shoot Efke 25 in my Chamonix when using pre-Civil War lenses, but I think this is too slow for the Leica. What's out there in the ISO 100 range that would be a nice complement for a 1940s Leica? I'm after "vintage" more than TMax/Delta sharpness.

Kent in SD
The film speeds at that time were very slow by today's standards, and partly what contributes to what we refer to as "vintage" look. Fortunately one film/developer combination is still around from that time, and it's Efke 25 & Rodinal. I shoot Rollei Ortho 25 regularly, as well as the Efke. Both are excellent films.

The Rolleipan 200 is very similar to Agfapan, which I always used to photograph WW2 battleships & submarines, because of delivering that same tonality. If that's the look you're going for, Rolleipan 200 would be the way to go. If you're searching for an earlier look, the Efke 25 & Efke 100 would be the way to go, processed in Rodinal.

Good luck, and congratulations on a fine camera.