I have just got back into developing films. Now I have my chemicals sorted , but when it comes to deionised (which working at a school I thought would be the least of my problems!), I am hitting a brick wall. The school I am at does not have any!!! They do not use any in the chem lessons (H&S has stopped a lot of experiments!!).
So I thought ok I will buy some bottles of it. NOOOO! at 2.40 per litre bottle!!!
So I am stuck for a cheap source of deionised water. Our tap water whilst not very hard does tend to leave calcium deposits on things.
So ideas please?
I don't really want to have to spend a lot for a filter system etc (no where to put it perm).
I live in Cheshire UK so obviously there is no point in saying 'I get mine from walmart for 20cents a gal' lol