Nice piece, thanks for pointing it out!

I am finding that more and more art directors and editors are willing not only more often to consider the look and feel of film on a campaign or article, they are willing to cover the relative marginal cost of it as well, not all the time, but often enough. So it is casting a sense of relief over both the artist and the art buyer, that the riptide of technology has not swept away the notion of intrepid, individualistic thinking on either side...and that is liberating for both parties.

As for using 8x10, I would if I could enlarge it, so I am limited to 4x5 for at least the next few years until my wife and I buy a home. But even 4x5 imparts the same sense of curiosity and non-threatening intrigue from would be subjects as they almost subconsciously relax knowing that you simply can not upload it to Facebook or Twitter right away. They know that not only are you more considerate and contemplative in your approach to how you take the photo, you are in how you use it as well.

It's a win+win=WIN equation...