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To illustrate a point that I've seen to be a reoccurring theme here:

Same film.
From the same pro pack.
On the same 120 back.
Shot the same way.
On the same day.
Sent to two different places to have developed and scanned.

This is why you don't send film to Wal Mart, or a joint like Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS:

Fuji 400H though the Contax 645 from last month.
that's a 2 minute fix, at least you can fix it ..

back in the 1990s i lived in boston.
i shot a lot of c41 and e6 and used to take it
to a prolab i began to trust with my film.
i trusted them with my personal work and
figured i trusted them enough to give them
some of my bread+butter ... i never did that again
the e6 came back cooked.

i am sure if i gave it to cvs or whatever, it would have been fine.
and saved me the excessive$ it cost to have a pro lab process and the headache of
re-shooting the job. " sorry i have to re-shoot this, my lab ruined my film '

just because it is a pro lab or expensive does not mean they can't mess things up just as bad as a cvs/walgreens &c.
and in the end, they will just give you a roll of film, shrug their shoulders and say 'sorry" ...
at least these days there is a now conventional way to save botched processing, 20years ago we were hosed.