Marketing of all sorts is merely selling fantasy. If you are stupid enough to buy into it, without understanding it, that is your problem.[/QUOTE]

You're right. The thought that editors bother themselves with such things as ethics is a misnomer, believed only by those who have never worked on a newspaper or magazine. Their job is to sell as many copies of their product as they can, to beat the opposition. If "re-touching" an image will help to do that, then so be it. You could say that so far as the editorial world is concerned, the last shreds of ethics went flying out the window with the arrival of the first edition of Photoshop.

Any photographer who concerns himself with "ethics" these days will not last long in a profession consumed by celebrity worship. And it is the celebrities themselves, or more often their agents, who decide what pictures and even copy go into a publication. They call the tune, and you will only read what they want you to know.....Any editor who doesn't want to play ball, finds the "celebrity" in question is suddenly "not available" for interview.