This is a repeat of a post I made in another thread some time ago. I'm sure prices have changed since then...

Since Tetenal discontinued their 5 liter kits a couple of years ago, I switched to Kodak and have had great results ordering from I think they largely serve minilabs, but they are happy to ship the small Flexicolor kits. These are the ones with SM in their names -- there are so many that it is a bit tricky trying to find the right stock numbers. To save anyone that trouble, here is what my last order consisted of.

Qty Prod No Name Options Price
1 KF51-1925254 KODAK FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Final Rinse 12X3L - - - $22.69
1 KF50-8462681 KODAK FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Fixer 2X3.9L - - - $59.67
1 KF49-8824690 (Hazardous Fee) KODAK FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Bleach - - - $57.51
1 KF48-1756337 (Hazardous Fee) KODAK FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Developer - - - $59.25