OK so I mostly shoot ISO 400 and I'm interested in shooting some ISO 100 film. This is for 35mm. I usually go freestyle tri-x but since I'm unsure about the quality of foma/arista edu, I'm thinking of just going with ilford and bulk loading myself.

I'm thinking traditional emulsions because I much prefer the grain of Plus-X (RIP) to Tmax 100. Well Plus-X is history so this leaves me too FP4+ and Pan F. My developer of choice is Xtol and Rodinal; the former when I need the speed.

1. I don't always finish my rolls but I haven't experienced much problems with Tri-X, but I read that it's super big deal with Pan F, is this true also for FP4+? I hear that the latent image degrades...if so, what is the time-span? Days, weeks, months? I don't leave a roll in for more than 2 weeks ... This has never been a problem but I don't want this to deter me as I can probably start loading short rolls.

2. How is FP4+'s grain in comparison to Plus-X? maybe it was bad development but Tri-X seemed a lot smoother than HP5+, would I expect the same with FP4+? as in FP4+ exhibiting larger grain than Plus-X?

3. How is the tonality and latitude between the two: FP4+ and Pan F. From Flickr Pan F seems to show darker tones but it's really difficult to judge from flickr because everyone has different exposure/development/post-processing styles.

4. Plastic or metal film cartridges for bulk loading? Which do you prefer?

Honestly, I think I'm just going to order both, lol. FP4+ seems like a safer bet but Pan F is tempting...