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And then too... Ever hear of Japan Incorporated? The Japanese industry is often supported by the government just like the recent Obama subsidies. Imagine what would happen to EK if the government revived them by giving them an infusion of a few billion dollars.

Maybe not so much anymore.
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Japan seems to be hurting very hard due to Japan, Inc.

Politicians follow the money. They throw money at things that "cannot fail" but should (banks, insurance firms), and take money away from things that shouldn't fail (science, like the Texas particle accelerator). We won't see any government help for Kodak. But if Fujifilm was in dire straits like Kodak, I'm not sure that the Japanese government would prop them up. The output is small, and I'm not sure it would be seen as one of those, ah, what is it, national treasures? Not that the US treasures much (except as noted above), but I'm not sure that one little building producing 35mm would be kept in business by Japanese government subsidy.