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The Chemistry Store www.chemistrystore.com sells 99% TEA. Since their main clientele use it to make soaps and lotions it cannot contain any DEA or MEA. You can check out the MSDS for the chemical on their site. One gallon sells for $16.84 plus shipping.
You bring up a subject I've been wondering about.
At PhotoFormulary, one gallon of TEA (85%-15%) costs $49.95.
At ChemistryStore, one gallon of TEA (99%) costs $16.81.
That's a much lower price for a better product.
So I suspect that the 99% in the ChemistryStore's MSDS is a mistake.
Or how could they sell a high-grade product so cheaply? What do you think? Have you found that their TEA behaves like 99%? If so, I'm buying some now!

@PE: I feel silly asking this, but is buffering capacity determined by the number of boron atoms, or by the number of molecules of borate? If it's by the number of boron atoms, we could substitute one fourth the moles of borax (vs metaborate) because one borax molecule contains four boron atoms (vs one boron atom in metaborate). Relayer would be interested in this.

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