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You bring up a subject I've been wondering about.
At PhotoFormulary, one gallon of TEA (85%-15%) costs $49.95.
At ChemistryStore, one gallon of TEA (99%) costs $16.81.
That's a much lower price for a better product.
So I suspect that the 99% in the ChemistryStore's MSDS is a mistake.
Or how could they sell a high-grade product so cheaply? What do you think? Have you found that their TEA behaves like 99%? If so, I'm buying some now!
Mark Overton
Retail prices are set at their levels for all sorts of reasons. Even here in Australia, where nearly everything costs more, 5L of 99% TEA cost me $20 (Aust dollars, at the time less than US dollars). I had to bring my own container. The vendor was a firm specializing in specialized lubricants for industry.