Dear All,

It will go on the notice boards, as do your prints from the postcard exchange.....the people who work here are passionate about the products, many actually use them and all care about the history and values of the company. Our company motto is 'To be the best in black and white' that has never changed ( and never will ).

The product range : Very simple, its our strategy : We have altered, improved and updated all our manufacturing processes since taking over the business to ensure we keep every product : We make everything that we made the day we took over the business seven years ago. Some individual SKU's ( sizes or box quantities ) may have gone but apart from cooltone dev nothing has been deleted from the ILFORD Photo range, some products were deleted from the KENTMERE range, mostly because of base issues and manufacturing issues, and of course some added such as KENTMERE Film.

If you care to count we currently have 2,554 live manufactured items.

Simon ILFORD photo / HARMAN technology Limited :