PE, protection *before* the events is a no-brainer. "Japan, Inc." didn't get that moniker without blatant protectionism being evident. Sure, government, industry, and banks were all together as a team. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case in the US. I look at all of it as "staying hungry." (Like the Twisted Sister album cover.) Large industry, including banks and US government and "educational" institutions, became complacent. Many still are complacent. Right now, I'm reading "The Art of Non-Conformity," by Chris Guillebeau. Interesting book, and the author takes aim at mediocrity. The US went from excellence to mediocrity, and that's what's killing our nation now.

So: how to move film foward? It would take investment, and not with government help. This isn't any kind of Kickstarter thing, either. The Kodak film division would have to be bought out, and that would take leverage. Hmmm, actually, with Kodak stock so far in the tank, how much stock would be needed to become a major member on the board and kick out the idiots? Maybe that should be a Kickstarter project.