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If I recall the fan is mounted on isolation blocks like this. In the 45S head I picked up a year ago the blocks where hard and cracked. I don't think the 60km drive home in the back seat of truck did them any good either. You might look into replacing them. The switch idea is interesting another alternative would be an external fan of some sort.

http://www.vibrationmounts.com/RFQ/VM01003.htm - no knowledge of this company beyond google. Electronic parts suppliers may also be a source.


Thanks George
The external fan was a thought but since I don't expose for very long and a good time between exposures, I think I might try the switch idea. Just one more thing to remember but habits of turning on and off are do-able. I could make a time delay circuit to turn off , say for a few seconds before exposure, and then trip the lamp to turn on. Then it would reset and turn the fan back on.
Just thinking here.