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Polaroid has now become a brand, and there are now many "Polaroid" products entering the market with the Polaroid logo on them. This may well be Kodak's fate. I hope not, but I just don't know. Their losses are shrinking, but they aren't anywhere near generating a profit.

I have been reading in the financial news that next year promises a slowdown. Not good for anybody, including Kodak.
Shopped in the UK "Poundland" store yesterday (everything for 1, about equal to $1.50). Stocked up on Kodak Colour Neg, 1 per roll, Kodak batteries 10 for 1 (Made in China), and Polaroid Inkjet paper (various sizes, all Made in China....and fine for everyday use).
And just backed up some work stuff on Kodak DVD's....Made in China.