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Great detailed instructions. I'm a bit of a chicken in taking apart my color head. I would try to isolate the whole head by putting a vibration dampening rubber collar placed between the head and the enlarger.
I have been pretty handy building, changing, taking apart, putting back together about all my life. I make and restore radios, electronics stuff, and anything that I want to know how it works. Sometimes I have success, sometimes I don't.

I've built drag cars, radios, photo parts and gadgets, and other stuff when I can't find what I need to replace or repair something. One of my other hobbies is Amateur radio and I build a lot of the radios and things that go with it.

So, I think I can tackle this job OK. I do have a few fans stored that came out of some old computers that I have junked.

On this project, I think I'll buy a new fan since they aren't that expensive. The one he did was using a low voltage fan and I'll get one that is setup for 120 volt. I am a retired electrician and I hope I can wire this back right.

Thanks for replying to this thought.