Back on the early seventies I worked selling cameras and we got to go to a demo of new products at a hotel in Montreal. (Camera Store Staff Only) and ILFORD had set up an entire Darkroom made of Orange Plexiglass. (persprex in the UK) where they we showing the Then New Ilfospeed Product line including the special processor and dryer. The folks in the darkroom of course knew the neagtive they had to print, but still they were making 10 second exposures and the prints came out of the machine in a couple of minutes. The end of the demonstration they printed a "bunch" of prints of a head shot of a model eating a strawberry. Running it through the machines and passing them though a light trap and distributing them within 5 minutes. I have misplaced the print, but I can confirm that it looked like new 20 years later.

The department store I worked for did not sell much in the way of Darkroom stuff, but I stocked up on Ilfospeed, and Ilford has been my favorite brand of paper since, (Although the New Kentmere VC RC is the same source and twice the speed so It may be my new normal.)