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I ordered a can of fp4+ and a few rolls of panf+. Those interests me the most because they're traditional and the most readily available (now and in the future). You can't buy APX100 (I don't think?) nor can you buy Acros in 100' rolls. I'd prefer to bulk load to economize. Truthfully, I don't like bulk loading, but it's something that I feel I should do for the sake of economy.

fp4+ sounds like a safer bet but panf+ still interests me. I'll see how it goes.
I don't think bulk loading saves that much these days, not enough to personally pay me for the agravation, anyway.

The advantage, though, is that I find 36 exposure loads annoyingly long and you can load shorter - some waste, but not that much and still slightly cheaper than factory 36s. IF I shot very much black and white in 35mm I might do it for that reason but having two medium format cameras has almost completely eliminated my black and white 35mm.