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Your TEA concentrate looks sharper and less grainy.
Good work. PE
Thanks for the encouragement. I guess the next step is to mix it as a concentrate and make sure it doesn't crystallize. And then comes the boring tests that must be done.

It occurred to me that since the crystallized stuff (with the high concentration ratio) has cream-like viscosity, it might be dispensed out of a squeeze-tube like lotion. But one would get controlled amounts of it by dispensing one of more strips onto the left portion of a ruler. Then one would use the ruler as a stirring-paddle when mixing the developer. This scheme has the advantages of very high concentration and ease of use, but I wonder if the cream will be subject to separation. In the bottle, due to excess PG, the top third is liquid and the bottom two thirds is cream. I don't know if the cream alone would separate into more liquid. Oh great, another idea to explore...

Jerry and john_s: The deed is done! I just gave $116.39 to the ChemistryStore.com for several chemicals. One third of that total is cross-country shipping.

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