My how time flies, it's August, the official "breather" month. That's when some of us sit back and enjoy all the lovely cards, and when some of us start to panic. (Also when the Post Offices of the world take a breather and finally deliver our cards.) Fear not. Official panic time doesn't start until the last week of September - the last few days to sign up for round 27.

I cleaned out the mail box yesterday and found two lovely cards from the west coast, thank you Judith & Ed - Bluejeh & Bluejeh(2). I finally read the instructions correctly and know I'm not which way is up on "Hornby Island Rocks" but I like it. Then there is the "Simon Fraser Univ Pool". Do they realize there is a big rock sticking out of the pool? Must be a real tough lane for that swimmer! Both great cards, even upside down and sideways they work.

So again for all those still deciding what to print or just now slaving away in a hot darkroom - remember official PANIC time is 55 days away, but we'd really like to hear from you, just drop us a card!