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had some bad experiences with Roydhouse. They said the film will be ready in a hour. Come back in 3, and my film was not sleeved. I did not use them much. But if I was testing a new, film camera I inherited, I would use them.
I've actually had a couple good experiences with them, one involved getting some film developed, the youngish guy was eager to please. Another time they had a set of 6" Ilford MG filters at what must have been the 3" price, grabbed them, thankyouverymuch! Another time, I had run out of fixer (thought I had another bottle in the stash), ran down there and they were something like $25/1L for Ilford, I said "WHAT??? I only pay $15 at the place I usually go to, I'll just wait till I can get back there" (slight embellishment, I think Vanbar was closer to $20), the guy said, "no, wait, I reckon I can do it for $15 then".

Two very cheap shopping sessions... Thanks Royds!