I have 5 vintage copper development tanks that I need help identifying and valuing. I purchased these from a man who said they were used with daguerreotypes but I then was told that they are probably the the following...

"The are for glass plate negatives, probably from the 1920s or 1930s. Each tank would have been filled up with liquid developer, stop bath, fixer (hypo), or water. The rack (containing the plates to be developed) would be lowered into the required solutions using the wire handles on top of the racks (as shown in your second photo). The lids were put on top to keep the light out and to minimize evaporation."

I loved the way they looked and planned to used them as display when I was doing a lot of my own developing and pursuing photography in college. That was back in the 80's (eek) and now I am thinking of letting them go b/c I don't do as much photography as I had anticipated. I have not idea what they might be worth and the best place to sell them.

Can someone help?

Thanks for any feedback..