Leigh, I've never used Diaphine as they claim speed increases...this makes me nervous as I equate speed increasers as either more grain or inadequite shadow detail. But maybe I'm not such an old dog that I can't learn a new trick. I have used the Standard MH plate developer since 1948...and my grandfather used it since 1896! For 5X7"s, I mix up enough for 2 oz developer plus 4 oz water, and sloosh it across the film from the top quickly, then level the tray and agitate by tilting the tray for about 6 minutes. would this work with Diaphine?
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Hi Drew,

I believe the restriction applies to all two-part developers that rely on absorption of the first component into the emulsion.

You might consider Diafine for tray development. It's amazing because it's insensitive to variations in both time and temperature.
And it produces beautiful negatives. Probably better with slower films than fast ones (which I never use).

- Leigh