G'day all,
Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to take lenses for a good proper dismantle and clean? I want to get my enlarger lenses back to pristine (they vary between pretty good ond just okay), then eventually get a couple of my large format lenses there too, even though they're all pretty nice anyway.

Through work we use Camera Clinic in Melbourne, but Can anyone recommend anywhere else?

I was going to just have a crack myself, especially sine I've got double-ups of a couple focal lengths, so one could still be in use while I slowly work away at the other. However... I recently dug up an old zoom that I remember Dad pulling apart to service when we were kids... It was never the same again! So I thought, even though I know enough to get myself into trouble, perhaps I'd be better off going to someone who knows even more, at least enough to get OUT of trouble again!

Thanks guys,