I presoak everything, color and B&W, and use normal development in my Jobo.

Modern accelerants are generally polymers or are ballasted, and will not wash out of a film.

Ilford apparently uses a surfactant in their films which aids in development. I use a prewet anyhow. It works just fine. I am not aware of any accelerants that wash out of any film, but these surfactants can.

These polymers are compatible with gelatin and can be left in the film.

Since some of them act by creating greater swell and voids in the gelatin, even if they did wash out, their effect would remain due to the voids caused by their absence. But, since some of them are designed to attach to gelatin itself, they are not prone to washing out.

IDK how anyone here could "know" that a given product contains an accelerant as manufacturers do not announce these things.