I am new to this group and I have a question. Does anyone on this forum know how to open a Korelle K camera. It was made in Dresdan Germany in 1932-1933.
I have found this camera on auctions sites -it is the brown /red Bakalie half frame camera. I have searched the web and even ordered an old review of this camera from Great Britain. Yet, no instructions on how to open it. Usually this is not a problem for me. Went to Butcus (sp) and also have searched the web. I found photographs but no manuals. There is film in this camera that i would like to develop but just do not know how to open the camera.

I'll post this also on the half frame camera forum. The serial number is 2568305. The lens appears to be uncoated and is marked as Schneider- Krouznach No. 5234531 Xenar F 3.5

I would be very grateful for information dealing with the opening of the camera.

Thank you,