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Can you see it in your prints?
Hey David
My eyes are not what they used to be but I can't see any softness or anything wrong in the print. I just happen to feel the neg. carrier and it has a vibration. It won't get any better, so I figured it was time to repair before it gets any worse. From what I gathered when I bought it used, it was used in a university darkroom and I am sure it has seen a lot of useage.
I am not very critical of what I print but I want to feel I am making the best image of what I am printing.
I have downsized to strictly 35mm now and when I blow up those small negatives, I want it to be sharp and clear.
While I rework the head, I have a 23cll that I am going to use. It has also started to show a pause in the lamp start circuit and I am now looking at the opto isolaters to replace. Haven't had much luck in finding the components yet since I can't find a schematic but the part number is still showing and maybe I can find a substitute for them.

It seems like the older I get the more " fix and repair " things happen. I am retired so I have plenty of time to play.