Neal, the most recent posting in my personal gallery, "Frosty Morning Calm", is from Pro 100. It's a completely unique film, custom coated for J&C on very old equipment in China (the Classic 200 and Classic 400 are rebranded Forte). I like it a lot, but it's a soft emulsion, and benefits by avoiding temperatures above 68 F and sudden shocks from alkaline to acidic (so no acid stop bath); it also scratches very easily.

That said, it's the only ISO 100 film I have around; at the price, I'm willing to put up with the black backing and framing numbers printed in (sometimes rather thin) white ink, the very soft paper of the backing, and the lack of a useful end tape (I either use the masking tape that secures the new roll, or if it has too much black paper stuck to it, a fresh piece of masking tape; either way, I stick it inside the door of the camera so I'm sure to have it handy when I unload). Grain is fine, even, and crisp, tonality is excellent, sharpness and resolution quite good, and at least in my process, speed is exactly as rated. It's even got good latitude; hard to argue with those qualities in a film that's $1.39 a roll including a black film can.