George ,

I dont think and I did not see in years that anyone published a better close up than your images. Yes , extremelly random like an highly disturbed water flow or the pictures of deep galaxies. Wow , matchless and so beatiful. I worked at PrePress and Newspaper Web Ofset business and I was able to register 2 square meters film to another with 1/100 milimeter precision less than 5 seconds. I cant see any problem to register bw film to agfa plate with registers.
I am still wanting that plate and I will use it as it deserves and put many examples to the gallery.
Please take serious my request and think about it. If plate reaches you from Germany after 70 years and if it is still in one piece , you can send it back to Europe back in one piece. I will pay all your losses. Pack it like you are sending a baby and it will be good.

Thank you very much ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac