I recently posted a question about a Durst enlarger which I have been offered for free. On another forum someone sent me a link to the newsletter of a school near to me which had this request:

Request for Help - The Art department are offering A’ level photography from September and, although there is no requirement by the exam board to offer traditional black and white darkroom techniques, we feel it would enhance the students’ enjoyment and understanding of the subject. We currently have two photographic enlargers but would ideally like to increase our stock of traditional equipment and would like to appeal to our community that, if you have any redundant darkroom equipment or old film cameras that you feel would you would like to donate to the College we would very much like to hear from you.
I thought it was nice that they wanted to teach traditional black and white techniques even though it was not a requirement.

I will be donating my LPL 6700 to them if they want it.