Hi Jeff,

I've toyed with this idea in the past as well.

When I do sheet film in hangers in deep tanks I have no problem at all with streaking or non-uniform skies. But the negative edges are always compromised. There is no real way around that when using hand agitation to physically lift and lower the loaded hangers through the developer. I've always just considered the compromised edges to be a sort of de facto LF film rebate where the final image itself resides inside of those edges.

But I have wondered if keeping the hangers stationary and using gaseous burst agitiation to move the developer instead might somewhat mitigate the effect.

Another consideration (for me) is the probable need to leave the equipment set up full time. Don't know if that's a design requirement. But I have a small—albeit well-equipped—darkroom where every cubic centimeter is allocated. Everything has a place where it lives, and back to which it MUST be returned after use, or there will be no room to do anything else. That's also why replenishment is not feasible for me. Can't really leave the stuff set up permanently.