nitrogen burst is used for larger deep tank machines like Refremas .. There is an exacting science/engineering proceedure to make sure when sheet film is clipped the development is
even across the film . This is very , very hard to do and the best labs spend $$$$$ making this happen.
For a smaller tank it would be adequate but not precision development.
For small tank development which I use for my solarization work I use the Kodak method of hand agitation. Which works very well if you are patient and repeatable in your steps.

I see no reason to use nitrogen burst for your application, when hand agitation will work very well. I think you will find uneven development issues.

QUOTE=Jeff Bannow;1375247]Space isn't as much of a concern for me, although I would need to remove the unit out of my sink when not being used. I could keep a tank and hose mounted though.[/QUOTE]