Gas burst can be used with any size tank and thus it can be used with any volume of solution.

The limiting factor is the size of the sparger that goes into your tank. It must be designed to fit the tank and to move between tanks. Or, you need multiple spargers, one for each tank.

You need 3 things; the sparger(s), a timer with solenoid valve, and a nitrogen tank with pressure reducer and tubing.

I have used this system extensively from small tanks to huge 16x20 tanks in our Calumet processor. They are great for uniformity and high quality. The system also pushes CO2 and O2 out of the process solutions and IMHO it thus prolongs their life.

I love the Nitrogen burst system!! With proper design, you could even use it with reels. I have also seen dark lids for the tanks that fit over spargers so that you can work in the light to a certain extent.