This 5x7 Ansco Studio Camera has a fixed front standard and a rear standard with tilt, shift and swing. It is a kind of fun camera to use around the studio or house or out of the car, but not so great for hiking.

The bellows are not very good and have a lot of tape on it. I used the "wrap dark cloth around" method to stop light leaks. It does need to have the bellows replaced as they are brittle. Another thing to note is that the front standard was broken and reglued at some point and tilts back slightly. This can be compensated by using the back tilt, but could probably be taken apart and fixed properly.

If you need a lens, I also have a Velostigmat 8 1/4" in Betax No. 4 for $125.

$99 for camera, or $224 for camera and lens. Plus postage cost. paypal accepted.

Let me know if any questions.