A lot of mixing of oranges and apples here. Pan F is a very slow film (typically ASA25) with a long toe, early shoulder, and short straight line, so needs very careful exposure and development, and is
probably not the best choice for high contrast scenes. FP4 and ACROS are long-scale medium-toe
films which I personally rate at 50 for pyro, but differ in spectral sensitivity - ACROS will deliver slightly finer grain, but both films are lovely. TMX100 is a fairly high contrast short-toe film which should NOT be overexposed or it can shoulder off, but will deliver excellent shadow gradation. TMY400 is distinctly grainier, but for its speed very fine, and an excellent all-purpose film if you like a
relatively long straight line rather than a more gradual toe. I've used all these fims in everything from
35mm to 8X10, with the exception of Pan F of course, which is only avail up to 120 size. Each has
its own personality, though I'd call all these films excellent in overall quality.